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We specialize in cleaning residential condominium and apartment balconies

so you can remain confident knowing that Balcony Cleaning will use the best method to tackle your situation without compromising your property or breaking your condominium strata bylaw.

It is common that apartment managers and condominium strata boards prohibit water or cleaning solutions from flowing over the edge of the balcony. 

We will clean your deck or balcony at a price you can afford plus you get a discount 

What our Customers have to say 

I live in a part of Toronto that is completely inundated with balcony happy pigeons.  They love to sit on your railing and poop their little hearts out.  My balcony was covered in about 2 years worth of poop, dust bunnies, cigarette ashes, and spilled drinks...  all baked in by hot summer sun.  

Derrick from Balcony Cleaning came in and basically made my balcony look brand new over the course of 1 hour.  NEW.  I could not believe it.  

All stains and debris were totally removed and sanitized from the balcony floor, windows and sliding screen door.  Nothing was spilled out onto units below me.  

I was very very impressed.  Not only was Derrick professional, on time, and respectful of the unit, he was also a super nice guy.  

Tip for pigeon problems-

Buy a slinky, mount it across the top of your railing to stop the pigeons from hanging out and doing their biz on your balcony.  

Since my cleaning, I've keep the balcony clutter free and the pigeons seem to not be interested in visiting me.  It's been 3 weeks and no poop.

  A P.    Toronto, ON


The pigeons had made a home on my balcony, droppings nests etc...

Balcony Cleaning was the only web site that mentioned "balcony cleaning"

An appointment was made at my convenience, Derrick came, scrapped, brushed, washed, my balcony was restored to a livable place again. If you find yourself needing that kind of services call Multi Services it's worth the call.....Paris  

After 3 years of constant construction, my balcony was caked with dust and grime.  In a matter of an hour and without any mess, Balcony Cleaning had the sliding doors, glass balcony panels, walls and cement sparkling clean.  A job that I had dreaded was behind me and by the afternoon my balcony was in full swing.  I was very happy with the care that Balcony Cleaning took to ensure that I was happy with their work and plan to hire them again next spring.

Donnalee Langton 


“My tenants had an issue with the neighbour’s cats that used their balcony as a litter box.  There was a gap under the glass that separates the balconies so cats had an all access pass. When the snow melted and it started to warm up, the balcony was starting to smell very bad and the tenants couldn’t make use of the balcony (pictures below). 

cat feces
cat poo

That’s when I called Balcony Cleaning because after some research online, I found them to provide more comprehensive cleaning services, in addition to specialty jobs, relative to other companies.  They were prompt in responding to my inquiry and scheduling the cleaning within a few days.  Derrick from Balcony Cleaning did an amazing job with removing the cat feces and also scrubbing and sanitizing the concrete floor.  He even went above and beyond by putting up a barrier to block cats from accessing the balcony again.   Thank you!

Sandra, Toronto 

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  What are Decks and Balconies?

This may sound like a simple question, but in fact decks and balconies are different. A deck is a horizontal surface exposed to the outdoors with a walking surface and located over an enclosed space below, so it is also a roof. A balcony is also a horizontal surface exposed to the outdoors with a walking surface, however, it typically projects from the building and it is not located over an enclosed living space below. In addition to walking surfaces such as membranes, wood decking or concrete pavers, decks and balconies incorporate a variety of components including: guardrails, guard walls, drains, gutters, soffits and vents.

What is a Deck or Balcony Membrane?

A deck or balcony membrane is a waterproof layer installed to protect the underlying structure from water leakage. The membrane may be exposed, acting as the actual walking surface, or may be covered with precast concrete pavers, wood planking or a concrete topping. Different membranes are used depending on the type of deck or balcony construction, such as:


balcony membrane
balcony like new
deck cleaning

 Why Must Deck and Balcony Membranes be Maintained?

Without proper maintenance, water may get in through holes and cracks in the membrane and joints that have separated and produce leaks to the interior, damage to the wall assembly and rotting of the deck or balcony structure.

Holes caused by sharp heels, table and chair legs, and damage produced by placement of heavy objects and careless use of tools may also increase the risk of water entry. Moreover, hot barbecues, spilled gasoline or solvents can actually melt vinyl membranes.

Residents in newly constructed wood-frame buildings should be aware that their building may be more susceptible to some structural movement over the first eighteen months of operation, as moisture from the wood dries out and the wood shrinks.

 During this time, the balcony or deck membrane may move or pull away from the wall, causing seams to fail and allowing water ingress at the edge of the membrane. Shrinkage of the building frame can also cause the balcony slope to change, and puddle's (standing water) at the wall to occur. While these matters are often taken into account during the building’s design and construction, some movement can still occur, potentially affecting the membrane.

 All these possible situations create a need for more diligent inspection within the first eighteen months of service. Balconies and decks on wood-frame buildings are sensitive to water damage. If the membrane or other balcony or deck component fail, water can penetrate to the wood structure, where wood decay may occur. Interior ceiling finishes may also be damaged.  

Repairing this type of damage can be very expensive

cracked wall
mildew on balcony
cracked wall under balcony
damaged balcony floor

  Action Plan Tips

Vacuuming Pigeon Droppings
cleaning balcony windows
 deck cleaning
cleaning balcony railings

        Keep the deck and balcony surface free of debris and dirt, e.g. leaves and twigs, to avoid drain clogs and potential water drainage problems.

        Hire a contractor to clean balcony and deck gutters annually (often done at the same time as window cleaning).

        If your building doesn’t have one, develop a deck and balcony inspection and maintenance plan that includes a record of all applicable warranties. The record log should be updated accordingly whenever inspection or maintenance activities are completed.

       Engage a building envelope consultant to inspect decks and balconies once every two years. This inspection should consider all balcony and deck components including membrane, railings, drainage system, soffits, vents, flashing, sealants, exterior windows and doors, connectors and hardware.

       Hire a qualified contractor to carry out identified maintenance and repairs promptly to minimize any further damage.

Balcony Cleaning Services 

*  Balconies

 Save 10% for Pigeon Balcony Cleaning in Toronto today

We specializes in cleaning residential condominium and apartment balconies

so you can remain confident knowing that Balcony Cleaning will use the best method to tackle your situation without compromising your property or breaking your condominium strata bylaw.

It is common that apartment managers and condominium strata boards prohibit water or cleaning solutions from flowing over the edge of the balcony.

No Problem!

We have a technique that will keep the water spillage down to almost nothing

-washing interior/exterior windows of balcony doors

-washing balcony concrete surface or wood tiles-washing balcony railings

-washing all exterior windows associated with the balcony

-Washing balcony railing glass panels (inside)

-Washing interior windows

We’re Fully Insured & Bonded, Trained Certified and are Safety Certified

To keep your mind at ease and protect your assets


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Pigeon droppings
dirty balcony
pigeon removal
pigeon poo


Pigeon Problems, No Problem


We'll clean all your windows on the balcony 

Solving pigeon problems on balconies can be pretty difficult as this is so often a community based problem. When a few people feed the birds on the property or from balconies, then the birds tend to stay in the area, and start to establish nesting sites on balconies. Trying to clean this yourself is not a good idea, you may exposed to a toxin in the dropping which can cause fatal diseases such as Histoplasmosis and Cryptococcosis which both effect the lungs (This is not safe to do by yourself have a professional do it for you)

Want to Learn more about Pigeons and the damage they can do click the link below or check out our contact Page

​Pigeons     Contacts

Here's one tip - 

Buy some spikes or

place a slinky across the railing making it hard for any pigeons to land.

Balcony Cleaning Service in Toronto pigeon droppings, dust and cobwebs we get rid of all
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